179D and Its Benefits for the Construction Industry

Section 179 can provide many benefits and advantages to those who understand it well

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Advising Clients Through the Business Life Cycle

By using the Business Life Cycle as an advisory framework, combined with a genuine desire to help clients succeed, you can build more holistic, enduring, and personally fulfilling client relationships.

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Alliance Resource Member Directory
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The Rainmaker Companies is proud to partner with our Resource Members – organizations dedicated to our mission of helping professional service firms grow. Interested in partnering with The Rainmaker Alliances as a Resource Member or seeing our current Resource Members?

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Are We There Yet? - KC Conway
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This session will explore both the economic and CRE conditions since the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak and answer the key question: Are we there yet? Looking at macro-economic (employment and GDP), transportation (TSA Passenger Count, Rail Traffic), CRE credit and property type metrics (loans in forbearance or delinquent), K.C. Conway will assess not just the “What’s Happened” but more important “Where are we headed” questions. This session will also analyze the Federal Reserve intervention and whether its working. And finally, this session will conclude with a outlook as to: i) what it will take to get to “there,” and what “there” might look like for the economy and various CRE property types post COVID19. 

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Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members. Check out their events and resources here.

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Associated General Contractors of America

AGC of America was founded in 1918 to serve as a single voice to advocate for, help grow, and connect the construction industry. Access their resources and events here.

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Blueprint for Leadership that Produces RESULTS - Ralph Garcia & Scott Moore, The Rainmaker Companies
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The theme is that by using this “Blueprint” you will have a meeting that produces positive changes …. instead of just an exchange of ideas. Action not words! In this session we will cover planning for the meeting, determining the change readiness of the attendees, engaging attendees, setting the proper expectations, and establishing accountability.

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BPCPA: Tax Deferral Opportunities for Contractors

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has redefined the definition of a “Small Taxpayer,” creating tax deferral opportunities for eligible contractors. BPCPA analyzes what this means for you and your firm.

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Building Relationships with Benefits

People do business with people they like and trust; building intimate relationships that are beneficial to your practice rarely comes through chance meetings that have no follow up or follow through. Read about how to build these relationships here.

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Client Loyalty and Win-Loss Reviews

Rainmaker’s Client Loyalty Development process includes a comprehensive study of your accounting firm’s client base. Tailored around your firm’s unique needs, our Client Loyalty Survey provides insight into your clients’ perception of your firm, including, but not limited to: image, responsiveness, billing and pricing issues, competitive position, service quality, overall value provided, and anticipated future service needs.

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