Real Estate and Construction Roundtable Webinar and Best Practice Discussion

Published January 18, 2017

View the Real Estate and Construction Roundtable Webinar and Best Practice Discussion, presented by The Rainmaker Companies in combination with the Real Estate and Construction CPAs 

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  • Patrick Pruett, Executive Vice President
  • Scott Moore, Senior Vice President
  • Joe Fleenor, Director of Events & Client Relations 

Topics for Presentation and Discussion: 

1. Tiered Sales Approach - Whether your market is small or large, trying to target every real estate or construction prospect in a strategic way is not realistic and would not properly leverage your firm’s resources. There is a better way - by creating a tiered approach for selling into your marketplace (Presentation and Roundtable discussion). 

2. Leverage Marketing Professionals – Marketing Professionals are often underutilized and even used in ways that do not take full advantage of their skills and abilities. Focus on leverage and utilizing everyone on the team at their highest value contribution. Doing so offers the industry leader, the industry team, and the marketing professional(s) the best opportunity to succeed (Presentation and Roundtable discussion). 

3. Key Industry Issues and Challenges - Business owners are operating in an unparalleled time of change that requires them to make quality decisions. As advisors to real estate and construction business owners, what do you see as the greatest issues on the table that need to be addressed? Where do you see the greatest opportunities in this space? (Roundtable discussion). 

4. Real Estate and Construction CPAs 2017 Schedule of Events - Rainmaker will unveil a variety of events in 2017 for leaders of the real estate or construction segments of their firms. 

Real Estate and Construction CPAs is a subsidiary of The Rainmaker Alliances, a service line of The Rainmaker Companies