2019 SuperConference Presentations

Blueprint for Leadership that Produces RESULTS - Ralph Garcia & Scott Moore, The Rainmaker Companies
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The theme is that by using this “Blueprint” you will have a meeting that produces positive changes …. instead of just an exchange of ideas. Action not words! In this session we will cover planning for the meeting, determining the change readiness of the attendees, engaging attendees, setting the proper expectations, and establishing accountability.

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Estate & Succession Planning for Real Estate Companies
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Speakers: Meyer Mintz, Partner at Berdon LLP, Teri Samples, Partner and Director of Real Estate Services at Mueller Prost, and Dan Sutter, Partner at Morrison & Smith, LLP

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - The Rise of the Digital Workforce - Peter Scavuzzo, Marcum LLP
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Robotic Process Automation lies at the center of an organizations Digital Transformation. It represents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to increase performance, improve efficiency, and lower costs. This session will go under the hood and take a deep dive look at real RPA solutions within the accounting industry. Through the demonstration of first-hand examples, learn the steps to come up with your own RPA ideas and further learn how to design, develop and implement your first BOT within your organization.

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Strategic Positioning for Middle Market Firms - Frank Tirelli, alliantgroup
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Speaker: Frank Tirelli, Vice Chairman of Professional Services at alliantgroup

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What Now?... Implementation of Key Initiatives - Adelaide Ness, The Rainmaker Companies
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Trusted Advisor. It’s what we’re all striving to be, right? And yet, what does it really mean? It’s sort of a “buzzword” in the industry, right? In this session, Adelaide Ness will talk you through what it means to be a Trusted Advisor and break it down into tactical ways to walk up that value ladder with our best clients. It’s all about credibility, reliability and intimacy. Learn how to increase your score as a Trusted Advisor and truly set yourself apart from the competition.

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