Winning at Business Development

Advising Clients Through the Business Life Cycle

By using the Business Life Cycle as an advisory framework, combined with a genuine desire to help clients succeed, you can build more holistic, enduring, and personally fulfilling client relationships.

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Growth Team Meeting Planner
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We’ve all been stuck in a bad meeting. You arrive on time only to have the meeting start 10 minutes late. The agenda? Unclear. The person in charge? Also. Some people start to offer ideas, others shoot them down. Nothing is really decided and the meeting wraps up, as you silently lament the lost hour. There is a better way.

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Growth Team Program

Industry research confirms that top firms share similar concerns around their abilities to grow, innovate, and compete. The Rainmaker Growth Teams Program™ pulls from years of experience in working with firms of widely varying sizes and complexities to help them develop, grow, and sustain their highest-potential niches and market segments.

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How Professionals Can Use LinkedIn for Practice Development

Whether we like it or not, the accounting industry has not typically been on the cutting edge of technology. The firms who have embraced cutting-edge technology in one capacity or another still have their ups and downs, but they are finding it easier, faster, and more efficient to help their clients, generate new business, and produce the work. LinkedIn is a great way to get started.

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Revenue Action Plan / Practice Pipeline
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The Revenue Action Plan (RAP) is an accountability tool that is an integral component of Rainmaker programs including The Rainmaker Academy®. It provides users with weekly reminders so that busy professionals will not be overwhelmed, distracted, or stuck.

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